Hey there! Welcome to Kern Wellness Counseling!

For those new to mental health wellness, it can be really overwhelming reading news articles, research, or generally what others have to say about brain health.

I’ve put together this seemingly simple blog to do my best to provide general information about day-to-day experiences many like yourself endure.

My hope is to empower you with free content such as hands on DIY mental health practices, self-improvement strategies, step-by-step guides and more.

Knowledge is power. But wisdom is what happens when you take action with the knowledge you have obtained. Hopefully, this blog can be helpful in finding your wellness again.

Jacob Kountz, M.S.

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #114529

Bakersfield, Ca

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*Jacob Kountz currently works as a Therapist for Henrietta Weill Memorial Child Guidance Clinic & Adult Behavioral Health. The opinions expressed are his own and do not represent the clinic.