The Most Powerful Law of Life

Just as we have a law of gravity that can't tell the difference between a good and bad person, the law of attraction treats us just the same because it's one of the most powerful laws of life. And just how we manage gravity with the power of flight, we can manage attraction with the power of the mind.

Ever heard of the phrase be careful what you wish for because you just might get it? That is honestly the true essence of this special law, because all begins with a single thought.

Think about it, what was the first thought you had this morning? Was it how thankful you were for another day of life? Was it dissatisfaction because it's a weekday and you're dreading work at your awful job? Or is it something you're thinking about right now that might be bothering you? Three simple thoughts with three mind blowing differences.

The person who woke up with gratitude will more likely attract other positive aspects throughout their day. The person who woke up in a sour mood will more likely attract other sour aspects throughout their day. Whatever you're thinking right now may attract other things related to it, believe me.

This is one of the most powerful laws of life. The law of attraction.

The Most Powerful Law of Life

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It begins with a thought, which then alters your feelings and eventually it changes how you behave. Not too bad right? I kid you not, it's as simple as that.

When I first heard about this, I thought to myself, "Pshhhh, I control my day, not this attraction stuff," and technically I was right. The point is that you are in control of your day, no one else. And whatever you speak into your day you will get out of your day. Make sense? What you invite in your day will join you and stick around for awhile. Like asking a friend to hang out with you.

For example...

"But what about this job I work at, I absolutely hate it. Now what? How can this attraction talk help with that?" My answer: you will absolutely hate it still. Just as much as you cannot stand hanging out with a certain in-law during the holidays, you should expect to have a rough time. But what if we were to tweak the language a bit? Rather than criticizing that relationship, you could approach them with compliments? Rather than hating work, find what it is about your job that gives you peace, recognition or anything that excites you. If you look for peace, you'll eventually find it.

Keep in mind, if you cannot find any peace, happiness or good feelings about your current job after changing your mindset, or anything else in your life that may apply, it may just be time to move on and move forward. Start speaking that into your existence, do the work and see what unfolds. The law of attraction is a step-by-step process that eventually becomes habit. Sure it seems hard, annoying or even slow at first glance, but that's because it's something new added to your busy schedule. So, to save you some time I summed it all up in a few simple steps that you can practice with right now.

1. Think it

Tired of frustration or pain at work because of your boss, or anything else you're tired of in life? Maybe its your finances, your relationships or something else. Start by thinking of all the good your boss, or anything else that applies, has brought to the job or your life. Do this throughout your day and watch as your frustrations become smaller and smaller, while what you are searching for becomes bigger and bigger. Do this new kind of thinking with anything and it will eventually pull you and other positive things together. Shift your thinking into something new.

2. Feel and Believe it

It's one thing to trick your brain into thinking something completely new. Like how much you appreciate the job you absolutely hate. You aren't lying to yourself, you choose to find the good in it. But it's even more powerful if you actually feel joy, peace or any other uplifting emotion that is caused from that single change of thought. Imagine if you enhanced all your negative thoughts throughout your day, what could happen? If you aren't sure, maybe it's time to give it a shot, but make it a habit too. Once you feel it, believe that it's happening and watch the change begin.

3. Play it Out

The thinking process is very private because only you know what's going on in your head. The feeling and believing it process is shedding some light on those private thoughts so that you become more aware. But once you physically act out this thought process, you've just introduced the world to a newer side of you. This may unbalance how others and the world react around you. This shift may mold your day in the way you want it. Positive vibes attract other positive vibes. Now watch as the tables turn.

Your action is so crucial in this three step process because without it, you've only done half the work. Imagine you went into that terrible job, or relationship, or anything, saying how much you appreciate your boss giving you a job in the first place, or anything remotely uplifting. Does your boss, spouse or friend deserve that comment, only you know that. But that isn't up to him or her, you have the power and you are in control.

Remember, if you search for peace, happiness or anything remotely positive, you'll eventually find it because of this law. If you search for resentment or even criticism or others, you'll find that. If you search for negative things in your partner, you'll find that too. Stick with uplifting thoughts, feel the new emotions and you'll find your way.

So now what? I've learned the steps, so how long will it take to become a success at this? Well that's up to you to decide. Not to mention it becomes easier once it's a habit. Do you wish to only be successful in one area, or in all areas? Your thoughts, feelings and actions will show the universe strong evidence that you're serious about attracting better things to your life. But if this formula is not practiced, you should expect mediocre results. It all starts with you.

Just like a muscle needs a little more stress to build and grow, your thoughts need to shift in a way that adds good stress to your brain. Eventually it will be as if you aren't negative enough anymore because you're so positive.

Remember, be careful what you wish for because you might just get it.

Good luck!

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