The 5 Steps to Change

Have you ever felt stuck before and wanted to change things up a bit? Perhaps your stuck at a job and feel you have no way out. Maybe you're stuck in a relationship that you think isn't good for you. Or maybe you're stuck in life and feel you have no purpose at the moment. The 5 steps to change may be your solution in understanding how to get unstuck.

Whatever the case may be, you may have been thinking about a solution but feel too stuck to put it in action. If that's you, please continue.

The five steps to change your situation is not a quick fix or simple process, but the good news is that you can start this process today in order to make tomorrow easier. This particular process actually came from the realm of drug dependency and abuse. It's called the five stages of change. Wherever you are in your situation may describe what stage you are in.

Here's the good news. Once you recognize what stage you're in, you can then figure out how close you are from getting unstuck. See which stage resonates with you and how close you are in getting where you want be.

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1. Precontemplation

If you're in this stage, you're A-OK with how you're situation is and have no plans on changing. To figure out if you are in this stage, ask your self the following questions. Am I okay with my situation right now? Do I even think I'm in a situation right now?

If your answer is yes for the first question and no for the second, you may okay with where you are in your non-predicament. And guess what? That is completely fine!

2. Contemplation

If you're in this stage, then you've considered the possibility of making a change in your life. Still, you're unsure if you'd want to make any changes, but the situation is starting to get in your way and bother you.

This part of change is full of hesitation, doubt and fear because you may be feeling uncomfortable at the moment. It's completely normal to have these feelings because you're thinking about trying out something new.

3. Preparation

This is when things start to get interesting. If you're in the preparation stage, you may start to remember and explore all the times you were about to change beforehand, but didn't. This is the make you or break you stage because you are actually making small changes in order to prepare for the big one.

With each little change you make overtime, you have the potential of growing more confidence and making more significant changes.

4. Action

You've now reached the most powerful stage. This is when you begin to take much larger steps toward that goal of yours. Also, the feeling of being unsure may come back during this stage because you are doing something completely out of the ordinary.

This step also makes you realize how much control you have in your life. I'll repeat, you do have control of your life by the decisions you make. Yes, there are many things out of your control that can slow you down, but remember that you have the power to overcome these obstacles.

5. Maintenance

Just like a muscle that's been worked out at the gym, it needs to be worked out consistently for maximum results. The same goes for making changes in your life. Once you feel you've made a complete shift, maintain it to the best of your ability.

During this stage, you may experience temptation to pursue what you recently left. You've decided to leave a piece of you behind and move forward with something new. As scary as that may sound, it will prepare you for a new adventure. In other words, it will take some getting used to when living this new lifestyle. Consider this aftermath the new normal.


You've just conquered the necessary steps to make change happen! You can now apply these steps to almost any situation you may be dealing with currently.

Regardless of what stage you are in, remember that it's a process and cannot be done quickly. Work hard, take care of yourself and just remember the end goal.


Lastly, it's important to note that it's possible to fall back to old habits after you've recently changed. Whether that's going back to an abusive relationship, back to a drug you can't stand or maybe going back to that job you hate. Whatever the case may be, just remember this one thing. Because it's possible to fall back, it's also possible to move right back forward.

When things get hard, it's very easy for anyone to go back to older habits because they've dealt with it before, it's easy. But if you recognize that you're slipping up and go back to the old you, remember that you have the ability to maintain that change.

Again, remember that slipping and falling back to old habits doesn't define who you are, and it happens to most of us. Just get up, dust yourself off and move forward as best as you can. You have the strength. Now that's a great definition of successful change!

It's your time to learn, live and thrive.

CommunicationJacob Kountz