Staying Organized When Dealing With Anxiety

When we think of anxiety, it can almost take our breathe away from how overwhelming it can feel. It can almost be described as a messy room within our minds that just seems impossible to clean up because of other unexpected messes that arise. I can only imagine how this same thought process is in reality.

So, how can one even mitigate anxiety so that things can get done on the terms we want them to? Just think of the things you may want: organized house, organized schedule, organized life. Well, before getting organized in reality, it might be best to reorganize some things mentally so this process could go smoother with trial and error.

The Bubble Trick

When experiencing anxiety, it’s very easy to think of life as one large to-do list dating from yesterday all the way to some random time in the future. It’s extremely overwhelming to say the least. This is where the bubble truck comes in, and it’s quite simple so it doesn’t add much of a burden to an already seemingly endless schedule.

Here’s how it goes, take a piece of paper, and draw six bubbles on it. Make sure the bubbles are large enough to fit them all on one side of the paper. Before you do this, the most important thing is to put at least one inch of space between each bubble. Then write down the first six pressing issues to fill each bubble with. The order doesn’t matter.

Next, put the bubbles in rank order from most pressing issue to least by designating a number from one through six. So when it comes to organization, one would mean the very first thing you start and complete, then two and so forth. Sounds too simple, well as it turns out that’s what many who experience anxiety may just need, simplicity.

The real magic here is in those one inch spaces between each bubble. You see, anxiety is something like a giant ball of yarn, and each overlapping string is something we are trying to get done or prepare for. It’s very messy. And things end up not getting as complete as we would like them to. So, by putting a little space between each item, it helps the brain see that things are more orderly, less stressful, and seemingly more doable.

Good luck!

Jacob Kountz